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20. Emory. Atlanta/Chicago. I like to think I'm a writer, but I'm more of a novice. Angry stream of consciousness is where it's at tho.


I want to be as happy as this dog

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"One fun fact I learned while on the air with Keith Olbermann was that humans on the Internet are scumbags. People say children are cruel, but I was never made fun of as a child or an adult. Suddenly, my disability on the world wide web is fair game. I would look at clips online and see comments like, "Yo, why’s she tweakin?" "Yo, is she retarded?" And my favorite, "Poor Gumby-mouth terrorist. What does she suffer from? We should really pray for her." One commenter even suggested that I add my disability to my credits: screenwriter, comedian, palsy."

Maysoon Zayid on TEDWomen (x)


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1. How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?

2. Name the fandoms you’ve written in, and how much you’ve written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.

3. For each of the…

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wow the fifty shades of grey movie looks intense


wow the fifty shades of grey movie looks intense

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get out your VCR’s it’s time to watch The Prince of Egypt. or you can watch it here.

please don’t watch exodus: gods and kings because it’s icky and racist. you deserve better. you deserve the prince of egypt.

Not to mention the fact that if they were even going to show the difference between Moses and the Egyptians, Moses would have been darker skinned than the Egyptians… but Egyptians weren’t white. 

Seriously, people need to stop glamorizing Biblical stories because they can hold their own like The Prince of Egypt or Joseph King of Dreams. All these movies do is whitewash and misrepresent the stories that are better than what Hollywood has wrote. 

If u don’t watch the Prince of Egypt u are not friend.

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please stop calling Black children who have different interests and tastes white

it’s damaging and alienating

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Genocide Of The Native American Peoples- Post Civil War Years America.  "kill the Indian and save the man"

The Indian boarding school movement began in the post Civil War era when idealistic reformers turned their attention to the plight of Indian people. Whereas before many Americans regarded the native people with either fear or loathing, the reformers believed that with the proper education and treatment Indians could become just like other citizens. ie “Assimilation” = (Genocide)

One of the first efforts to accomplish this goal was the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania, founded by Captain Richard Henry Pratt in 1879. Pratt was a leading proponent of the assimilation through education policy. Believing that Indian ways were inferior to those of whites, he subscribed to the principle, “kill the Indian and save the man.”

Children were usually immersed in European-American culture through appearance changes with haircuts, were forbidden to speak their native languages, and traditional names were replaced by new European-American names. The experience of the schools was often harsh, especially for the younger children who were separated from their families. In numerous ways, they were encouraged or forced to abandon their Native American identities and cultures. The number of Native American children in the boarding schools reached a peak in the 1970s, with an estimated enrollment of 60,000 in 1973. Investigations of the later twentieth century have revealed many documented cases of sexual, manual, physical and mental abuse occurring at such schools.

Arriving at the boarding schools, their lives usually altered dramatically. They were given short haircuts (a source of shame for boys of many tribes), uniforms, and English names. They were not allowed to speak their own languages, even between each other, and they were expected to attend church services and encouraged to convert to Christianity. Discipline was stiff in many schools (as it was in families and other areas of society), and it often included chores and punishments.

The following is a quote from Anna Moore regarding the Phoenix Indian School:

"If we were not finished [scrubbing the dining room floors] when the 8 a.m. whistle sounded, the dining room matron would go around strapping us while we were still on our hands and knees."

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Nostalgia is a
dirty liar
that insists things
were better
than they seemed.
Michelle K., I Can’t Stop Questioning It. (via timid)

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Animator Appreciation: Shouko Ikeda

Heh, as I was scrolling through these images, I was thinking, “Huh, this is all Ikeda art.  I wonder if that was intentional.”  And then I get to the caption at the end.

Glad there are other people who can recognize and appreciate the original series’ best* art director.

*(subjective, of course, but come on, look at that)

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My Favorite Toni Morrison books about her and written by her.


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How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head.
Nina LaCour, Hold Still (via poetrist)

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my favorite thing about england is that the word pulp doesnt exist 


my favorite thing about england is that the word pulp doesnt exist 

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When i was little i wanted to grow up to be a disney princess but im pretty sure i just became Yzma 


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